TKLabs Replication: The "teslatronix" SSTC aka Slayer Exciter

An interesting effect is demonstrated near the end of the video, before the still shots.

But is it really a Tesla coil? I have some problems with including this variant in with real Tesla Coils, solid state or spark-gap or other styles. Certainly it doesn’t perform nearly as well as SassyClassE or TinselKoil 2, my real SSTCs, but it’s a nice, low-power introduction to many Tesla Coil concepts.

The first design change that I would recommend to builders is to reduce the aspect ratio of the secondary. A ratio of height to diameter of about 4:1 is better, and I’ve been having good luck with even shorter, fatter coils.

Another design change would be to use a larger top capacity. I didn’t show it in this video but I have a bigger toroid made from some metal flexible ducting and a pie-pan, around 16 inches diameter, and it really improves the performance of this coil but it looks really funny, like a strange electronic mushroom or something. All it needs is a stoned caterpillar sitting on top….

TIP31C transistor (I used TIP31A because I didn’t have a C on hand; I think any NPN power transistor would probably work)
22K 2-Watt resistor
FR107 or UF4007 or 1n4007 diodes (2 ea.)
Magnet wire for secondary
Heavier wire for primary
Materials for Base
Heat sink for transistor
Peanut can
Medicine bottles
Heavy cardboard tube
Aluminum duct tape
Masking tape

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