Muammer Yildiz’ All-Magnet Motor Demo – Live Stream (Updated: Recorded Videos)

On April 10-14, Muammer Yildiz plans to demonstrate his all-magnet motor at the Inventors Expo in Geneva.

He won’t be able to run the motor continuously inside the convention hall because they close each night for security reasons. So what he will do is put the motor inside a trailer and drive the running motor to the parking lot each night, where it will run continuously. And there will be a live webcam the entire time so that people all over the world can be part of witnessing it running continuously for the full four days of the conference.

That motor body will be 14 cm in diameter and about 21 cm long, and will be powering a 25 cm diameter fan. So do the math on how long it should run using any kind of known energy storage mechanism. I bet you will see two things: 1) it won’t be able to run at a constant speed without diminishing, and 2) it won’t be able to run for more than a few hours. So really, even one full day of demonstrating the technology running continuously should be more than enough to satisfy the scientists.

Live demo of running Yildiz magnet motor, starting 9 am GMT, April 10.

Live Stream


Recorded Videos – The Yildiz All-Magnet motor demo in Geneva

Date: April 10th, 2013  | Time: about 4:00 pm GMT | Motor status: NOT Working


Date: April 10th, 2013 | Time: about 11:30 am GMT | Motor status: Working



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