TKTerella AnAtmoSphere Random Images

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Some random stills from my laboratory, showing off the plasma displays from the AnAtmoSphere triode vacuum chamber and the TKTerella (apologies to Prof. Birkeland).

A thing of natural beauty, and I believe there are a few genuinely interesting phenomena displayed.

Note how the originally polished chromeplated cast iron Terella ball now resembles a planet– craters and plains marked out by the discharges it has experienced, surfaces mottled and eroded, deposited with foreign matter…. and when energised as Anode, the thing has Io-like volcano plumes and mottling, Enceladus like venting, cometary plumes…. and when it’s energised as Cathode it becomes a veritable Star, with solar corona, sunspots, photosphere, and brilliant emission.

Also note the mysterious anode tufting, the white cottony spots that often contain multiple stable layers or shells or “striations”. I think that the whitish anode tufting embedded in the generalized cathode glow is the closest thing I’ve seen to “St. Elmo’s Fire”, although some others believe that the cathodic purple glow itself is the fire.

The green illumination in some of the shots is from a green laser pointer, to add drama and interest to the shots. In other shots, green flashes can be seen emanating from copper surfaces. This may be x-ray spallation, who knows.

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Music is YT audio, “Clappy” by Rob Simonsen. Thanks Rob, and YT too!

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