Jasbir Interviewed some of the Ismael Aviso Water old sick client’s & the effectivity.

After 2 weeks drinking the water with very positive result.. the old lady saying she recommended to all of her relatives including with Cancer the Ismael Aviso Water.

People living inside the cities experiencing Pollution static charge which bad to the body & additional to this …they are drinking too much Acidic water (from R.O. reverse osmosis tech ) & some with chlorine residue, Acidic food & uncontrolled Antibiotic prescription … creating diseases including tumor & Cancer, High blood , High sugar level.

Aviso water is absolutely the right water to drink ,, since it’s highly energize , Alkaline & Oxygenated water using the Electromagnetic static charge & Plasma technology process to flush out Toxin, boost the immune system, then it will do the body healing naturally. You will be surprised the boost of body strength after drinking Ismael Aviso water

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