The Wysiwyg – Slayer Exciter

Lots of details below:

On test is shown my largest Tesla tower to date, the Wysiwyg.
2 1/2ft tall
1340 winds of 22/24 gauge copper wire
2 winds Primary, made from a mains cord
2SC2625 transistor (1K resistor to Base)
30V 400mA PC printer power supply.

My Watt meter says 30W is being used at the wall, lowering under load, which equates to a draw of 250mA,
The 2SC2625 has a hFE of only 10, which means i’ll need to find another transistor probably.

This whole setup is made from salvaged junk.
The PVC coil form came from our backyard, it’s a piece of toilet plumbing. The windings are made from 3x PC monitor degauss coils. A mains cord was split in two and used to make the Primary.
A power supply was found in a spares box, formerly from a PC printer.

A top load may be added at some point.
The idea for this is to run some of our house lights, over 1 wire.
30W input should see our 2x 13W bedroom CFL’s powered, the livingroom lamp and whatever else. In so doing, it is hoped to save us a few Watts in lighting costs.
Ideally, with this tower seeming to like higher voltages but still using reasonable current, i’ll build a small step up inverter for a solar charged 12V battery and then it would become free lighting 🙂

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