Bi Toroid Technology: Comparison, Tune, DC Testing

A demonstration of the Thane Heins BiToroid technology (Heins Effect).
The purpose of this demonstration to show the viability of a conception of the invention using pulsed DC as a source of power. The intention being to secure DC as a source for obvious reasons of portability and the potential of combining Solar as the source.

In the first part of the demo a conventional transformer is compared to the BiToroid, used in a low power situation to carefully monitor the activity of real and reactive power while on and off load.
Next part of the demo, the Bi Toroid and the conventional transformer is driven with 12vDC and a PWM circuit set to 2.93 kHz and under 50% duty cycle.

In all instances, the same input power was applied to both transformers.

The Bi Toroid transformer demonstrated that the input current was virtually purely reactive whether On or Off load, while in LOW power testing the conventional transformer’s input power increased due to the well known Counter EMF induced from the conventionally loaded coil.
The visually apparent absence of Counter EMF on the Bi Toroid allowed for a much higher output under the exact same conditions as the conventional transformer.
The input power to the conventional transformer would need to be greatly increased to achieve the same intensity as the Bi Toroid at lower input power.
These unique behaviour of the Bi Toroid transformer while on and off load as seen in this demonstration are a clear advantage to the conventional transformer, and seem to be in-line with the inventor’s claims.

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