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Let be very clear here, he stats in his own video that this device is a “Slayer exciter” the name given to Gbluer’s device he has been working on for the last several years.

Nikola Tesla NEVER used anything like a transistor in his Wardenclyffe tower experiments, please do you research he used Very High voltages, spark gaps and condensers, not Diodes and transistors like Gbluer has in his experiments, they may have their similarities but the only way this man got his idea was to take them from Gbluer and others that have been working on these “Slayer” devices over the past years…. Tesla Tronix cannot deny that by any means, this is not TESLA Tech it’s Gbluers TECH!!! TT is a thief and if he is willing to do this to 1 man… what is he going to do with your money ??

Gbluer tried to contact him and (excuse the language) was told to Fuck off by TT… not very nice way to great the creator of what you are working on and now getting quite a lot of money for. This man does not know what he is talking about … In TT’s “Kickstarter update 2/16Kickstarter update 2/16” he refers to one of the coils as a “L2” L2 is the term used by circuit simulation programs to mean inductance coil …. If he knew what he was talking about and not just repeating what he read on Gbluer’s notes… the coil is in fact called a secondary winding or secondary coil …. the other coil of the device is called the primary coil or primary winding and one who knew what they were doing would NEVER I repeat NEVER refer to it as L1 and L2 … rookie mistake right there …

This man is piggy backing someone else’s work for your money and he doesn’t even know exactly what is doing, please take heed to my warning as there are many more deserving people out there who could do with funding …. This man is just replicating what he saw and using that to get your money.

The deserving Original Developer is Gbluer (Slayer) from the overunity forum
Here is a link to their forum and project

Here you can see gbluers original note from 3 years ago … funny how he wrote L1, L2 for the primary and sec coils ….

Photobucket pic of my question that got me blocked from his channel

Here is the link to the Fraudsters accounts TeslaTronix – You will notice he recently blocked all comments to his videos as he doesn’t want Gbluer and others to point this out to you, but I have nothing to lose, I’m quite happy to bring you the truth!!!!

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