Coil tip – Dancing Flower motors

More info below:
An alternative, if anyone has broken the ultra thin wires of a coil from a Dancing Flower.

Some PC fans contain bifilar wire and all is connected as 1 long set of windings between their 4 coils.
By carefully unwinding, directly onto a form of similar dimensions to that shown in the video, an alternative coil can be made.
Broadly, the final coil will be of the same diameter as the original and twice as thick.

The form is made from either a piece of thin straw or piece of cotton ear bud plastic. 2 pieces of cardboard sit on either end, superglued.
100o winds go on to the form. Then connect the end of one wire, to the start of the other…such wires are normally of different colours, which makes that easy.
Then solder to the same points on the Dancing Flower as the regular coil would be soldered to.

In tests, the coil performs about the same as a regular coil.
In the video, the replacement coil is in the shade, but if swapped around, the replacement coil would run to the same levels as the original coil.

Hopefully that helps anyone who may have suffered such a setback, or finds removal of the coils difficult.

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