Carbon fiber sheet Aluminium foil Selfmade DIY High Output battery free energy

Hi Guys,
finally I wanted to show you now my new DIY selfmade battery technology.
This is very easy to make and puts out quite an amount of small MilliWatts of power.

Not just yet to light up an 1.2 Volts 0.22 Amps incandescent bulb, but at least it blinks it.

With a well built Joule Thief circuit this should be able to really power up many LEDs very brightly.
This will be the next thing I will try.

So how is this battery be made the cheapest way ?

You just need Aluminiumfoil from the supermarket,
a carbonfiber sheet ( This is the only thing you probably have to order,
as the other parts you will get very easily) and some ashes from a fireplace.
(woodashes or coalashes) or instead of the woodashes you can also get Sodium Carbonate, that is also called Washing Soda. This is also available is every bigger supermarket. You could also use Sodimpercarbonate from spot removal wshing solution powders , but this is more aggressive and more expensive, so stick with ashes ( it is free) or
buy some washing Soda.

So then you take about 3 to 4 teaspons of Washing soda or ashes and put it in about 100 MilliLiters of tap water ( about 1/2 drinking glas full of water).
Then you use this solution after stirring to put it onto a paper towel and put this wet paper towel between the alufoil and the carbonfiber sheet.

Then you have just about 1.4 Volts open circuit voltage and more than 100 milliamps of short circuit current. (from a size of around DinA4 sized sheets, so around 20 x 30 cm).

Now you can stack several cells in series to be able to directly light some LEDs or just use a Joule Thief circuit on ONE cell to light up a few LEDs.
I will soon build my own powerful Joule Thief circuit and will show this also then.

So stay tuned to my channel and please subscribe, rate and comment and share it with your friends.
This is a great battery cell for emergency usage as the only thing that decomposes is the Alufoil ! The carbonfibersheet can be washed off with water and always be reused !

This is the way to go to build selfmade cheap batteries to power LEDs.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Regards, Stefan.Link to this video:

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