Peroxide Rejuve – 2011 salts cell

After watching a video by Yalgorup NP, I decided to try H202 on a favourite old salts cell oscillator made in 2011.

This is the blue LED fitted cell from around November of 2011, that was lost and found again down the back of the bedroom dresser. I’d heard tickings from an AM radio while walking with it one time and sourced the tickings to this lost oscillator.
It ran down by July 2012, was rejuvenated with a couple of drops of water in August and has sat around after it ran down again some while later.
Here’s the August vid:

Yalgorup NP showed H202 as an electrolyte yesterday and, with my wife calling in to DollarTree yesterday, she picked up a 1LTR bottle of it.

A couple of drops were put in the cap and poured on the cell.
24hrs later it’s flashing away merrily, rejuvenated.
Perhaps the cell will simply dry out again, perhaps the extra Oxygen atom will have negative or positive effects…either which way, the oscillator has returned in 2013, to flash away once again on the bedroom dresser.

Circuit is an axial inductor based blocking oscillator, such very low power draw circuits are ideal for such cells.
This salts cell is, I think, the first one where I sprinkled plain Epsom Salts crystals on the top of it, to help with ambient moisture absorption. It originally ran for about 6 months.

Here’s Yalgorup NP’s video –

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