24/7 ambient light osc + Rock Tester

A couple of ideas based on the no battery rock testing oscillator of the last video.

First is shown a 24/7 ‘Forever Light’.
It’s a similar idea to devices that Lidmotor has recently shown, using a Polyacene battery. The capacity equates to about 1/2 a Farad.
The circuit sits behind a garden light solar panel.
Additions to the circuit are a 1N4148 diode to prevent feed through at night to the panel and a 10K resistor to the LED.
In tests, it runs 24/7 and will initially charge up sat under a 13W CFL table lamp if wished.
The 10K resistor is a balance between bright LED running and longevity to make sure it runs with just ambient light until the next day charges it back to full. With no light and a smaller resistor it will run for approx 16hrs, but the light output will fade off.
One thing to note if you build one, it can take an hour to start running from completely flat, due to filling the Polyacene to 0.5V.

Also shown is the Rock Tester…which I might be selling as fully built units for $9 each (free shipping to CONUS) on my Thortz Energy website – www.thortzenergy.t15.org
Using no battery, these devices easily show whether any rock is conductive.
By holding the rock against the top plate and also holding the bottom plate with the same hand, the LED will flash to indicate conductivity.
Useful for any petrovoltaic experiments.
Waterproof construction.
Small handy pocket sized build.

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