gegene reèlication 3

Hi all

Sorry but this time i made the video in french.

I explain in the video that i testeds the vGEGENE with a lot of different secondary coils, and when i tested the small 12 cm diameter coils that are intended for my small induction plate GEGENE , but on on my big Tristar induction plate, i got powerfull result also.

So a pancake coil of a smaller diameter than the induction coil seems to work very well.
And wonder why ??

So i scratch my head and i made this theory proposal, which is only my affabulation good or not , but i dare to present here to you.

Would it be possible , that we get an analogy between airflow That i know quite well ) and the flux of a magnetic field.

So the idea would be that ,:

First , we put the secondary coil outer diameter, smaller than the outer diameter of the induction coil and the secondary inner diameter larger than the inner diameter of the induction coil,
so we get a part of the induction coil (outer and inner ) free to produce a magnetic field which is not submitted to Lenz law , because it suffer no charge at all and is for that reason very free and light to alternate with great speed because no work to do.

And in the same time , the flux in the middle of the induction coil, is working hard , battling in the pancake secondary against Lenz and his army, to produce power to animate the load.
And the idea is , as per analogy to aerodynamic would it be possible that those “FREE lenz ” outboard magnetic field coul help the working one to do the job easier ????=?

OK please forgive me , but this is the beginning of a very hard year and we have to try to think more trhan usual , OUT OF THE BOX

Good luck at all


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