Tesla Bifilar Pancake Coil – New Thoughts

Donations to help speed up my Free Energy Project, and to help spread the word of free energy can be made here…I love sharing this stuff!…I’ll share more and more of the ideas I have, to go along with working on the wheel: www.paypal.com Link to JL Naudin schematic : freenrg.info I think JL Naudin’s most recent work called “Gegene” might also benefit from this idea 🙂 Gegene was also replicated by woopyjump here on youtube. I would be curious to see what happens!..not sure. I’ll share this vid with them. After watching the vid again, I’m thinking this might not be the best example…lol. I also wanted to mention that Tesla’s patent,”Method For Capturing Radiant Energy” I believe could also utilize this technology…oppositely wound coils above and below the capacitor…1 to antenna, 1 to ground 😉 Just a hunch. Once you get this idea in your head, the old patents start to make sense. There are many many applications and ideas I can share 🙂 These guys weren’t allowed to patent the revolutionary part of their patents…that’s why no replications…and all the while, “science” institutions have been pointing and scoffing…shame shame on you! The tests I’m doing and the idea of the oppositely wound coils directly relates to, and validates, the theories of Walter Russell and John Keely as well. We live in a wave based universe, with the illusion of materiality. Burn your tv and fiat money today 🙂 Please use and spread this knowledge 🙂 This is just the beginning…the

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