Richard Vialle second approach

Hi all Hi Pascuser thank’s for recommendations so i could tune the winding for my U shape and get the 3.6 MHz. At this frequency ,the light is much stronger as at 3 MHz as per my previous video. I noticed also that the tuning at the output (on the U tubing ) is also important. For instance as you can see i have connected the lamp with long green connection and this lenght modify also the light on the lamp. As i sayd i have noticed that the ground of the power supply and the ground of the scope modify everything. So i tested this second exercise with this technology on a 12 volt battery. But of course i have to order a HF signal generator and some matos to make the amplifier, in order to improve my replication. I will follow your progress at Conspirovniscience. Thank’s for your help Et bonsoir à la France Laurent

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https://www magistrala cz/freeenergy/2012/10/28/richard-vialle-second-approach/

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