Alum Epson salt electrolyte car battery conversion 16

Alum Epson salt electrolyte car battery conversion 16/16 Video

Finally having a look at the single cell compartments and seeing how much damage they already had….

today I used an old used car battery for an Electrolyte conversion from Sulfuric acid to Alum-Epsom-salt mix with destillled water.
The old car battery I used might have had a shortcuited cell, as it did only charge up to around 8 Volts on a normal car battery charger after a few hours of charge.

Here is now a series of videos where you can see, how I did it step by step.

I hope you enjoy it and you can also try it.

Due to some time limits I could not test it further, cause we are on the move in our vacation and have to leave now, but the results are pretty good,
although there might be still the problem, that one cell inside the car battery is still shorted out by lead residue powder on the ground of one cell…as the battery voltage did not rise over 10 Volts…
So I will do it again when I am back from my vaccation with a totally new car battery..
At least it was powering at the end a 20 Watts halogen light without problems and the voltage did not go down too fast…..
now in these last videos I show that there are damaged cells in the car battery and how to test them easily…
and finally open up this sealed battery with a flex grinder to have a look at the damaged cells which had short circuits due to lead residue buildup….

As it was not possible to clean out this shortcircuited lead residue via rinsing with water, I had to open up the whole battery to have a look, but as this battery was already pretty dead, it is much better to start this conversion using a fresh new battery where all the plates are still intact….

Hope this helps…

Regards, Stefan.
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