The Pree-XMAS Pulse motor BuildOff 20-12! International Alternative Energy Center & RWGresearch

OK Guy’s–its on

The Pree-XMAS Pulse motor BuildOff 20-12! Brought To You By, International Alternative Energy Center & open-source-energy / RWGresearch

Here is the 2 threds on The 2 defrent forums, PLEASE SEE BOTH!

I have just spoken to Tinman from IAEC ,and were all go.
But be prepaired,as this will be a lot bigger than the last build off.
I have messaged Gary (thesmartscarecrow show)to ask him to promote the build off. there also will be a smartscarecrow show so each winner can have there 15 min of fame!!! to cool!!!!

Mark Dansie will be one of the judges(that should be a hoot lol)
Were also having ZeroFosilFuel to be a judge again aswell. YEAH!!!

still looking for the last judge! so please give your ideas if you have some one that would be a good pick!

It will be an open build off-so not restricted to our two forums.

The starting date will be the 21/09/2012
The finish date will be the 21/10/2012.

1st prize will be to the value of around $100.00
2nd $75.00
3rd $50.00

We already have one prize donator.
Any one that wishes to contribute to the prizes-just emial me ,and thanks to those that do.

Tinman also be adding to those Prize donations.

If any of you are members of another forum-please spread the word.

Brace yourselve’s–this one will be big.

This is a joint effort between 2 forums and it can get crazy so check out both threads!!!!!!!!

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