Sterling Allan visits Steorn’s Facility in Dublin Ireland, Sept. 17, 2012

Story at In my Itinerary overview of the visit, I said: “Totally amazing. Far above expectation. These guys are definitely in the Top 5. The product will heat water at 1/5 the electrical cost, and cost about as much as the water heater it’s replacing. They have contracts for water heating technology with two of the largest companies in that sector in the world. With all that needs to be done (safety, certifications, testing, materials preparation) they’re looking at 18 months minimum, 3 years max to get this to market. Then Steorn goes back to their earlier business model of licensing to some 1000 companies for the numerous embodiments/applications possible, ranging from electrical generation, cell phone batteries that don’t need to be recharged, refrigeration, etc.” See Visit us at… – our exclusive news stories http – from around the world – the Wikipedia of free energy http – best exotics free energy techs closest to market

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