10,000 Watt Powerstat??? People Things & OLD stuff! :) Well Its New To Me! God Bless ~Russ

When you give your receive, life is about giving your gifts to others, with no expatiation for returns. however, in ways you never thought possible you will be given what you need. you may not see it af first but it will all make sense in the end.

For me this is the way i see my life as a christian, god gave me a gift, im just doing my part to show others what can ge given to them if they just believe.

many blessings to you all, lets be the change, if you want the world to change around you it will not. you must put the effort in to see that change.

everyone has a gift of there own, most know what it is, apply it in your life to make a change!

god bless us all and let us succeed in our life’s

with much love and respect to everyone,

“if you beleave what you can not see, you will see”

~Russ Gries

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