Sunpower Stirling-Cycle Engine Generators – Sunpower unveils the Microgen Combined Heat and Power (microCHP) system, an innovative electrical co-generation unit scheduled to hit the European consumer market through British appliance distributor Microgen, Inc. The Microgen system is powered by natural gas and utilizes a free-piston Stirling-cycle engine to generate both a kilowatt of 50hz electrical energy in addition to home water-heating for domestic cooking & home-heating systems. The Sunpower marketing strategy is to target residential homes in Western Europe currently utilizing natural-gas fired boilers typically mounted on a kitchen cabinet The high-reliability and low operating noise of the Microgen free-piston Stirling cycle design allows the company to replace these boilers with a co-generation unit featuring both the low-noise and high-reliability of a kitchen refrigerator, while additionally producing a kilowatt of direct electrical energy and complete home-water heating needs. The Microgen system takes a unique approach to generating electricity, as a pressure-waves in liquid drive the Stirling-cycle piston through an alternator to produce current. The pressure wave itself is created by a large temperature differential when the gas-flame heats the top of the Stirling engine while the bottom of the engine is cooled by an incoming water-return from a radiator system. Thus, the device is essentially powered by waste-heat redirected for water & radiative heating, which

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