Aviso Ecar & Extreme Repelling force tested by Phil Gov created committee DOE , DOST & UP

Aviso Ecar using 11 kilowatts forklift dc motor. Test end up the Forklift motor run powered from the conventional power supply : 46% EFF. Aviso Technology using the Ambient collector : 136% efficiency. The overheating of parts due to the collision of Outgoing freq. against the incoming freq. from the Ambient is one of the problem. Instead of making works it depleted the energy by means of heat. It should be more than 136% if no overheating problem. We already found the solution regarding overheating. We are fixing some newly discovered problem… hopefully very very soon we have AMAZING good news to the world. Our target to run it at SELF SUSTAIN OPERATION USING SUPER CAPACITOR ONLY. Another Energy tested is the Extreme Repelling force which duplicated the power of the Gasoline & Diesel. The Testing Committee really surprised & they don’t how to figure it out. Anyway they test it consumed 85 joules, but other who duplicated in a conventional way consumed 3700 joules. very big differenced of consumption. see this link to proved it …..www.youtube.com

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