ufo assymetric motor winding crude tuto 1

Hi all replicators this is how i wound the Ufo assymetric 5 poles rotor So you begin with uninsulating about 5 mm of your wire. ( i use a cigarette light than some sanding ) than you fix it to one of the collector hooking point and press it to definitiv fix it . ( for sake you can check with your meter if the collector plate is really connected to your wire ) than you point the axel right in your eyes and check on your copy of the Ufopolitics winding diagram. And than you èlace the collector in the position as per the diagram. Than you begin the winding exactly as per the diagram, and you wind 25 turns At the end of this 25 turns , than you simply go on the winding , but this time , you cross the motor axel. so you make a V shape. and you go on the other 25 turns the same direction and at the end you connect (of course you have uninsulated the last 5 mm of the wire ) to the oposit INLINE collector hooking point of course a better tutorial will follow as we get further experiment, but this one is to help the very first one so far i know hope this helps Laurent

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