Electric OU: Altoid 6a: Capacitor as Sole Power Source

Altoid is shown to run, making oscillations and an apparent negative mean power product based on the scope traces, using only a capacitor as its power supply. The oscillations persist at significant amplitude for a significant length of time. (I mistakenly call it “Tar Baby” a couple of times at the beginning… please forgive me for my lack of caffeine this morning.) The NERDs have claimed, apparently, that their circuit will not function, or rather that the “oscillations collapse to zero voltage” when they try to run on a capacitor, and that this explains why a battery is necessary for their overunity circuit COP INFINITY to operate. Clearly…. Altoid does not need a battery to operate, and I submit that neither does the NERD circuit…. they simply did not use a sufficiently large capacitor in their reported tests to run the circuit long enough to make objective readings. This demonstration, I believe, falsifies yet another claim made by the NERDS…. or at least it shows, once again, that Altoid can make a negative mean power product under conditions which the NERDs appear to claim is impossible. Here is the pertinent quotation from the Ainslie et al. “paper” posted on the Rossi JNP website: “Effectively, therefore, the battery primary supply represents the only component on the circuit that has an intrinsic charge imbalance. Therefore at each zero crossing, which is the point when the current entirely discharges the potential difference across the circuit material

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