Bi-colour LED – for SJR type lighting

This finding is based on work by Lidmotor mainly, but with mention of Peanutbutter291 and Lasersaber (see their channels for lots more info). Clearer view of this circuit: Energetic Forum thread: Using a normally flashing, bi-colour LED, the current indicating circuit of Lidmotor’s has perhaps a more readily indicated level of current in, to light out. The LED changes both intensity and colour, depending on the current throughput. Within the solid red glow region, the output is most efficient. Components: Transformer – TKP0108-A124 (old junked hi-fi 120-12) Transistor – D4793 NPN (any good power transistor can be used) Capacitor – 224 (0.2uF) LED – Bi-colour normally flashing type Variable pot – 50K (can be reduced, excess shows under resistance in video) Resistor – 100 ohm (can be increased, 100 ohm again showing under resistance) LED bulb – 2W Lights Of America This circuit will also run CFL bulbs, but is less efficient in terms of output brightness, compared to LED bulbs.

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