Electric OU: Effect of Some Added Inductance at Tar Baby’s Battery

PLEASE NOTE: IN THE VIDEO I MISLABELLED THE INDUCTANCE. It’s really 28 MICROHenry, not 28 nanoHenry. Thanks to .99 for “poynting” this out !! Want massive OU and battery charging too? Just add all your scrap wiring to the interbattery jumper leads. Tar Baby is set to make the usual oscillations using the negative bias mode, with bias power supplied by the regulated Elenco precision PS. A -10 V bias is applied to Tar Baby’s RED input point (see schematic in the discussion thread) and the resulting current on the inline meter is around 170 mA and the load is heating. The HP180a scope is hooked up with CH A (bottom trace) on the positive rail (RA’s “battery” point) and CH B (top) on the CVR The battery trace and the CVR trace are shown and by eyeballing it looks like a strong negative mean power product will obtain when they are multiplied and averaged. The battery voltage on the DMM at the battery terminals is shown to be steady at about 48.5 volts or so. Then, making no other changes, a 28 MICROHenry, (edit:sorry I had “nano” here before) …spool of wire is inserted among the batteries in place of a short interbattery jumper. 28 MicroHenry. The dramatic result is shown: a reduction in oscillation frequency from 2.5 MHz to well under 1 MHz, a dramatic increase in amplitude of both the CVR trace and the “battery” trace, and…. an apparently INCREASING VOLTAGE on the inline DMM monitoring the battery terminals directly. The excess voltage level on the DMM is shown to be

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