Electric Car Myers Motors/ReGenX Generator Integration Project

Myers Motors EV / Potential Difference Inc. ReGenerative Acceleration Generator Integration Project first drive. ReGenX Technology represents the culmination of 11 years of research and development by PDI looking at ways to reduce generator armature reaction – the “braking” component of regenerative braking. Generator armature reaction (EV regenerative braking effects) are a result of the generator inducing a counter-electromotive force inside the generator when current flows in the generator coils and the batteries are being recharged. This counter-electromotive force is simply another name for “repelling magnetic field.” PDI ReGenX Technology delays the generator coils’ ability to create a repelling magnetic field until the generator’s rotor magnetic field is top dead center to the coil. At this time (TDC) the ReGenX generator coil produces a delayed repelling magnetic field which repels the rotor’s magnetic field with additional force which is now already moving away from the coil. The result is a reversal of the electromotive force induced inside the ReGenX generator from a counter-electromotive force to complimentary-electromotive force. By reversing the Regenerative Braking effects and creating Regenerative Acceleration in it’s place – EVs can now recharge their batteries while accelerating (from 10 km/hr and up), also while coasting, and while braking. The Regenerative Acceleration Generator recharging goal and range increase is 30 – 50%. PDI is now in the process

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