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Happy New Year.
My wish for 2012 is for everyone to have good Health and that there be Peace and Love which unfortunately lessen more and more everyday in our civilization.
The congratulation messages of some people that even equate me to the great Leonardo Da Vinci give me the strength to continue my work.
I did not have the opportunity to study physics. Maybe if I had studied I would have never got involved with this matter.
For many years now, there are scientists shouting that Newton’s theory is wrong.
I have also proved that in practice using my invention. Because in my opinion, in this theory the centrifugal force is misestimated and the effect (the phenomenon) of the lever disregarded, as well as Gravity.

Dear fellow humans, considering the amount of information exchange and communication available today, e.g. internet, it really makes me sad to realize that the Willful blindness of a large proportion of humanity place us in a situation, worse than it was in the Middle Ages. They are prisoners of what they have been taught being unable to think on their own.
What I do not understand and troubles me, is that great scientists got to the point of searching the God in CERN and yet they could not change fundamental errors in physics we are being taught for more than 300 years now.
Also, I do not understand the other scientists and leaders of this world, who supposedly care for alternative energy, yet all the various development programs, adopt only solar, wind, bio-fuels, etc. ignoring Gravity, the endless energy to which we owe our existence as written by great scientists such as Stephen Hawking, F.M. Kanarev and others.

These are the latest development updates:

1. Part of Dr. Kanarev ‘s article “ABOUT THE PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE”, dedicated to the young mechanics of the 10th All-Russian Congress. August 2011.
Link to the document on Google Docs

2. As you can see in the video, the driving system functions with one motor and a single flywheel. Providing the same results with a lot less consumption. It would be ideal with the appropriate tire profile.

3. In the video you will watch an experiment in which practically, without any electro motion and any need of mathematics, I believe it is being understood, even from the more skeptics, that our system has nothing in common with the ones it is being compared to. Perhaps they will even be able to snap out of their taught physics lethargy and realize the advantages of the triangular shape, the lever and the addition of external pulse motion that make our system functional.
Also It is clearly visible that:
• With the use of two toothpicks, applied at 510mm distance from the shaft, we can rotate the 50 kg pendulum.
• The spectacular amount of force cutting a 30x60mm wooden board while the second weight is still located at 32,6 degrees. The wooden board is placed at a distance of 190mm from the shaft, where we have the Maximum power. That equals to only 11% of the force, torque we had at that given moment. Now, consider the size of the force, torque on 180 degrees plus the momentum of centrifugal force on higher rpm.

4. Output energy, as I wrote before, has to be harvested from the main shaft. Starting when the second weight passes the 0 degree point and ending when the second weight again passes the 180 degrees.
In the example with the painted tube (cylinder) on the main shaft, you may see another way of how I imagine a pulse generator with the magnets build on the main shaft and passing the coils only during the falling. The size of the generator can be increased by adding more magnets in length. Every millimeter away from the diameter of the main shaft is as a loss.
5. Regarding smaller size constructions, I believe that reading the brilliant example used by Hughe at nexus.2012info.ca is the best way to make you understand why in the past I wrote that if my space allowed it, I would have used heavier weights or longer arm or even both and certainly longer lever.

All efforts are welcome in our fight but in smaller size constructions the results (the effect) will be invisible causing disappointment and misleading evidence. Please do not derogate from the specifications.
Good Luck to everyone.

Fotis Miltiadis Chalkalis

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