Kacher large diameter coil replication.wmv

And the story goes on After my previous video i noticed that the second “caduceus” coil was not necessary t, and i could get the power directly from the ” splitted copper tube in the center of the main coil. than i discovered that i could directly connect the second wire of the bulb to the 10 meter wire ANTENNA, and it works too. Than i decided to try everything from inside the main coil as also to the outside the main coil and also to combine both. Everything works more ore less, but it works. Than i decided to reread the long and sometimes boring post of the OU forum on the subject ans i fall on the Znell contributor And of course new idea and for me i don’t like “usine à gaz system “i mean overcomplicated system., it is why i like very much those very interesting really simple and awsome exciters. And now the question is for you ladys and gents how is possible that a filament bulb lights in this config and the story goes on ……youpla !!! more to come good luck at all Laurent

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cache:fGy79BmTE5sJ:www magistrala cz/freeenergy/search/bobina caduceus

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