Aviso HHO reactor 1.5watthr per liter. Using Conventional 24volts Bat. part 3 of 3

” BREAKTHROUGH” Aviso HHO reactor 1.5 watt/hr per liter. HHO existing in the market 4.5watts per liter. The product of 5 months cash strap research using special water mix of chemical & plasma treated S/S plate the result was a big success. Cost very affordable 304 s/s plate plasma treated, water mix from the wasted water of Ismael healthy water process plus the rejuvination of the common solution mixture. The goal to reach down to 0.5watts p ltr. Next video Aviso HHO but using Aviso ambient collection power supply with series capacitor battery mode. Expect less 0.5 watts per liter plus 320 watts Light bulb plus 350 celcius heat that can be converted into power to charge the battery. This is a product now, need only few tweaking & ready for mass production once right Investor was selected & the product will be available within 3 – 4 months from now. Car & power plant FUEL SAVING application. Expected fuel saving for Car & power plant minimum of 50%

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