HephaHeat: Low frequency induction heating elements by Steorn

Steorn, the Dublin, Ireland based free energy company, has announced their latest overunity technology that they have named  HephaHeat. The technology produces excess energy in the form of heat, by utilizing a low frequency induction heating effect.




What is HephaHeat Low Frequency Induction Heating?


HephaHeat low frequency induction heating is a patent pending method of using induction systems without the need for additional expensive power supplies.

Systems are uniquely designed to plug directly into mains supplied AC and by utilising the 50 / 60Hz line frequency we replace the large and expensive power supplies normally required for induction heaters.

Principle of operation


The system works by charging a metallic thermal store to a high temperature (500 to 900°C). By using a material such as steel, which has approximately the same volumetric heat capacity as water, substantially more thermal energy may be retained than in a similar tanked volume of water.

When hot water is required, the cold water input is split into two separate branches. One is allowed to flow into the thermal store with the flow rate controlled by a standard valve. When this branch flows through the thermal store it is instantaneously converted to steam which is then mixed (via a steam injector) into the second branch of cold water.

This mix of steam to cold water allows the output water temperature to be controlled.

HephaHeat technology offers the following key advantages:


  • User selected flow rate up to 15 l/min
  • User selected water temperature from 38 — 100°C
  • Delivery volume up to 17:1 — hot water to device size (see graphs)
  • Fast recovery time — start to draw off water within 20% of recharge time
  • Ultra small device size (see table)
  • No limescale build-up due to operational temperature
  • Install at point of use — units can be installed directly where needed
  • HephaHeat units connect directly to a standard mains 13 Amp spur
  • Robust materials ensure Hephaheat technology enjoys long life cycles
  • Ease of manufacture for low cost volume production

via HephaHeat: Low frequency induction heating elements by Steorn.


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