Konrad Baecker magnet motor rebuild DKW motor with coils and magnets

www.overunity.com Attention: Video is in German language. Konrad Baecker magnet motor from the 1988.. He still had only ferrite magnets at this time. With todays super strong Neodymn magnets and better coils this motor could be powered with a few Watts only and generate huge mechanical outputs. Kameraman: Stefan Hartmann interested party: Herr Bach inventor: Konrad Bäcker Good magnets could be got here: Cylinder rod magnets: rcm.amazon.com Strong magnets rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com rcm.amazon.com Cube magnets rcm.amazon.com Ball magnets: rcm.amazon.com or: rcm.amazon.com Cylinder magnet with hole in the center with radial polarisation: rcm.amazon.com

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Konrad Baecker magnet motor

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