Dry Ice + Electricity & Big Booms, High Voltage & Craziness! HA

Dry Ice + Electricity & Big Booms, High Voltage & Craziness! HA This is the list below of the times in the long video where things change! Enjoy! Intro 1, 00:00 Intro 2, 00:59 Dry Ice Boom 1 Start 01:40 My old dry ice videos! : 02:37 Videos here: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Outside Dry Ice Start 1 3:03 Boom 1 05:40 Boom 1 fast/slow 06:05 Loud noses 06:27 Start freeze magnet 08:00 “Hover” “air barring” on table demo 08:40 The start of the dry ice air barring pulse motor 09:45 Dry ice Air barring running! 11:23 Dry ice Air barring running again! Wired! 14:12 Runaway ¼” neo ** FUNNY! 15:10 Frozen magnet is done! 16:40 Very interesting ice formation on neo spear 17:40 A better air barring running! 18:14 Funny runaway neo! 18:55 Finally a good running “air barring” (Watch this one!) 20:50 Show how the magnet spins like an un balanced top… (must see) 22:02 this is why the things goes fast the slow… Runaway aging! 23:23 Mike! How to keep your coil cold… 🙂 23:30 Frozen ½: neo in dry ice ice! Pulse motor ( this one cool)23:45 Frozen ½” neo pulse motor, must see, can see how the neo spins like a top! 25:50 this again you can see what I men when I say it spins like a top, the faster it goes the more vertical the axes, hence the less friction, but the rodin coil dose not do this, it spins horizontal on its axes. ½” neo on Air Bering. 26:41 High voltage 2500v across dry ice 28:27 Water and ice attempt 1 pulse motor 31:53 ½” neo Just standard ice Bering, works very well! 34

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