Kapanadze ?MY COMMENT KNOWN AS "TRANSLATION" part 1 video #16

Kapanadze with two individuals conversation.This is first part of “translation” of Skype conversation posted on Russian forum link rutube.ru conversation from Sept 10 2010 THIS VIDEO IS TO BE NAMED AND THREATED AS COMMENT. COMMENT IS MY PERSONAL EXPRESSION OF THE CON-TENSE.DUE TO LIMITED KNOWLEDGE AND DIFFICULTY WITH AUDIO IT MAY BE INCORRECT WITH ORIGINAL MEANING. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY KIND OF CORRECTNESS OF THIS COMMENT KNOWN BY THE NICK NAME -” TRANSLATION” Quote:sue them “Soviet way” -it may be incorrect but “VIESTYL” (THE WORD USED WRITTEN from phonetic sound )might be the name of entity from Switzerland to whom TK has legal obligation based on his contract statue standing that Contract is to be reinforced based on Swiss Law in the country of Switzerland as it was signed with respect to that law. I’m protected to express my personal opinion based on Right to the free speech supported by Constitution of USA. Therefore I take no responsibility of opinion expressed.Opinion is one of my own and do not represent anyone apart from me. Tlumaczenie Konwersacji Tariela Kapanadze z dwoma rozmowcami znajdujacymi sie w jednej lokalizacji. Kapenadze znajdowal sie w drugiej lokalizacji..

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