E-TurXator Energy Saver 270 Percent Efficient device

For more infos goto: www.overunity.com Copy of a video from youtube user: www.youtube.com user TURXATOR gave me permission to post it on my channel. Please go to his channel for more on this video. Many thanks. Here is the info they write on their channel: E-TurXatorâ„¢ Reactor is world’s most advanced and highest efficient home Energy Saver as Green Energy technology; invented by Mr. Attila ALPEREN developed by The Alperenâ„¢ Group Companies… 10 KW E-TurXatorâ„¢’s, will be available very soon for only self-usage by people. Because we want every family must have energy freedom and also able to market their not used energy to market to increase their family incomes. Thats why TurXatorâ„¢ technologies will be not available for energy companies very soon. E-TurXatorâ„¢ is a electronic version of the TurXatorâ„¢ technologies. 10 KW models of E-TurXatorâ„¢ are self-powered that provides non-stop 5 KW free energy. There are many more different technologies of the TurXatorâ„¢ technologies available; such as M-TurXator â„¢ , TorqueAmp â„¢, and TurXotor â„¢ (Self running high torque motors), etc… We will start licensing companies for E-TurXatorâ„¢ manufacturing, energy production, and related services businesses for permitted(by The Turkish Government) countries very soon. Please follow our announcements from our web sites or from YouTube as subscriber. For more information please visit: www.alperen.com

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