We all know about the inexhaustible energy produced by gravity. Through the years a lot of people have tried and are still trying to make use of it, especially nowadays that the energy problems are so serious.
As far as I know, a lot of inventions have been made regarding this resource but none has been exploitable.
After 28 years of hard work, many disappointments, personal expenses and the valuable help of my son in the last couple of years, I have recently ended up with the conclusion of something unbelievably simple. So simple that many people could build it on their own.
Just by making use of common known natural phenomena such as the earth’s attraction (gravitational force), centrifugal power, the lever, the flywheel etc
It is about a mechanism that multiplies any kind of kinetic energy by 800% to 1100% and functions with speed regulation as a common motor.
The referred data are based on an already existing prototype that has been constructed with simple materials.
It could also be auto supplied (run on its own power) with the appropriate technical means which unfortunately I do not have. It is absolutely friendly to the environment, its functionality and performance are not affected by weather conditions and it has a low cost of construction.
For greater needs, more than one mechanism can be connected by freewheels and work independently transmitting their power to a single drive shaft.
Before the presentation of the video and the designs that are attached regarding its construction, I must conclude by saying that if people lived in harmony with nature and paid more attention to its laws and the way it works without “abusing” it, a lot of our problems would have been solved.
This innovation is donated to humanity and I’m hoping for your help to make it known and useful to all.

Yours Sincerely

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