Magnetic temperature experiment uncut

This is an unknown effect that is not electrostatic cooling or MCE (magnetocaloric effect). Magnet temperature drops significantly below ambient. It’s magnets spinning on a Dremel drill over a toroid connected to a circuit. Starting temperature is near 69F. I’ve tested various theories such as electrostatic cooling. It’s not caused by such. Experiments show heat from air friction is far greater than electrostatic cooling in these experiments. It’s true that if surrounding ambient temperature is lower than magnet temperature, then magnetic temperature will drop. That is not the case, as you will see. Ambient temperature is 67F to 69F. The temperature of the spinning magnets drops to 64.6F. As soon as the toroid is disconnected from the diode, the temperature of the magnets suddenly beings increasing, where it goes back up the ambient temperature.
Furthermore, this effect demonstrate what I call the disturbance effect. That is, the effect fades over time while it’s chilling the core, but it *slowly* recovers while unused.
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