Bedini Leedskalnin – Running Small DC Motor

I would like to start by saying that a couple of my resistors get hot with the wheel turning and no load on the charge terminals. In this video I start by showing the small dc motor that i got out of an old printer running off of a 12 volt battery. Rpms are ok and it wobbles a bit when contact is made. When it is run off the capacitor it jumps when contact is made and there is voltage left over in the capacitor. There is an increase in pull off the run battery with the stepper running, but not bad. I wish I had the specs on the motor. I then turned the potentiometers down (closed) and stopped the wheel. Two of my coils self oscillate and continued to produce the current. The capacitor continued to run the stepper motor just as before. In this mode my resistors did NOT get hot. Also, I will confirm that these wheels will reclaim dead rechargables. The guy at Radio Shack (“The Source” here in Canada) gives them to me for free (people turn them in to him for recycling). I’m wiring them together tonight for some nice big free batteries (just thought I’d share that honey hole with the rest of you). Finally, when I stop the self-oscillations and zap the capacitor back to zero, the run battery slowly (5 mins) climbs back to the original voltage of 12.02…? I have been charging/discharging this battery with this system for a couple of weeks. Could it be conditioning the battery and making it stronger? . Once again I will recommend reading “Magnetic

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