Water Motor runs on water fuel free energy overunity

www.overunity.com This motor, designed and built by Dieter Marfurt, runs for weeks just on 1 Liter of water. It is based on a very special Osmosis effect and the help of gravity like a Besslerwheel and can be scaled up. Only a bit of water is needed to run this motor for weeks without refilling or refueling. The weights are shifted at the wet side and thus it produces an imbalance and begins to turn. This motor can be easily built via the sold template kit with which you can print out the structure on paper and use a scissoir to cut out the parts and assemble it. It is a great kit to study this gravity wheel and later make a scaled up version, which could power your mobile phone battery charger or other low power devices… Many thanks to Dieter Marfurt for making this kit available !

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